Lajos Wienkamp Marques

Paradise – Ma dar behesht
Written and directed by: Sina Ataeian Dena
Producer: Yousef Panahi, Sina Ataeian Dena, Amir Hamz
Starring: Dorna Dibaj
Country: Iran / Germany
Language: Farsi
The 25 years old Hanieh lives in the household of her married sister in Tehran. Every day Hanieh travels long and tedious hours to get to the suburbs where she works as a teacher at a girls’ primary school. Hanieh tries to get shifted to a school inside Tehran but the paperwork seems stuck in bureaucratic channels. Increasingly exhausted by her paralysing everyday life and the two-faced reality she subliminally experiences as a woman, an employee, a younger sister, and unhappy partner, Hanieh struggles to find her way out, but despite her real intention, Hanieh plays a different role…